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Exhibitor Service Center

Log in using the credentials provided within the confirmation email received after registration. If you have forgotten your credentials, use the forgotten password option under the login box.

In this service center, you can:

  • Register your Staff  
  • Add Meet & Greet tickets to staff badges
  • Add Attendee List (and pay for it)
  • Update company description, upload company logo
  • Pay outstanding balances
  • Print invoice
Exhibitor Kit - Alliance Expo is our expo company for 2024. With Alliance, you can order any updated booth furniture, wifi, power, SHIPPING, etc. 
Beware of scammers!
Nobody other than our TribalHub Staff which you can see HERE or the official Expo Company, Alliance, should be contacting you. In the unfortunate age of the increased need to protect data and information, we ask that you please beware of scams. If you receive phone calls or emails about the conference, tradeshow, hotel stays, attendee liss, advertising guides, travel offers, and so on, from ANY organization other than TribalHub or the chosen expo company, do NOT trust the company calling or provide them with any information. We will ALWAYS notify registered sponsors and exhibitors if any other parties are contracted who would be granted permission to contact you on behalf of the TribalNet Conference and Tradeshow. Use your best judgment and please notify us of any suspicious calls or emails referencing the TribalNet show.
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