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Welcome to the SoCal AeroExpo 2018 Sponsorship form!

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a sponsorship for the SoCal AeroExpo 2018! In order to purchase a sponsorship, you will need to first answer a few company related questions, select a sponsorship type and then finalize payment by credit card (or check). Here's how it works:

  1. Search our database by entering the first few letters of your company name and clicking the "START" button. If your company previously attended SoCal AeroExpo, or your company is AS9100 certified, your name will be found. If your company name does not appear in the search results, try typing in a different version of your company name…for example, if “Hilton Anaheim” does not appear, try searching under “Anaheim Hilton” or type your Corporate Parent name.
  2. Verify and update (complete) the administrative booth sales contact information for your company in its entirety. 
  3. Enter the information to be published in the exhibitor directory. This is most important as it defines how customers will see you.
  4. Complete the questions regarding your product categories (what products you manufacture if any, Please be as thorough as possible so that others can find you to make B2B appointments.
  5. Indicate the sponsorship and purchase additional opportunities to enhance your visibility.
  6. Enter payment information and click submit. Until you submit payment, none of the previously submitted information can be saved! IMPORTANT!!!
  7. An email confirmation of your contract submission will automatically be sent via email to the booth coordinator from sales@SoCalAerospaceGroup.com

Now, enter your company name below and click "SEARCH" to find your company in our database!

Enter your information in the fields provided.

Questions? Call registration services at 213-797-4300 or email us at sales@SoCalAerospaceGroup.com .

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