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Exhibitor Services Portal

Welcome to the 2024 NETA Exhibitor Services Portal.
Log in to manage your account balance, organization profile, purchase additional opportunities and keep up to date with other important exhibit-related logistics as they are posted.

We recommend you visit your exhibitor services portal regularly as additional menu options will be added throughout the year.

Fraud and phishing alert
NETA has been made aware that unsanctioned providers have approached exhibitors about booking hotel reservations, renting the attendee list or other services, and/or otherwise collecting credit card information. To avoid phishing scams and fraudulent providers, please note that any company or housing bureau contacting you directly by phone to collect credit card information is not affiliated with NETA in any way. The NETA official website and exhibitor services portal are the only avenues for accessing information sanctioned by the conference. If you believe you may have been solicited by an unsanctioned provider, please contact us directly.