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VIP Presentation Initiative

Today’s savvy industry professional is looking for the maximum engagement opportunity to showcase their destination or service, and NCBMP has created the ultimate opportunity. We are delighted to welcome back the yearly sold out NCBMP VIP Presentation.

This unique customized program provides suppliers and/or service providers with a streamlined, sales presentation experience that is not only cost effective and exclusive but more importantly it will produce measurable results. You will be able to market to the planners before they arrive at the conference and then have the ultimate engagement during the conference.

There are two exclusive opportunities to showcase your destination or service in front of meeting planners only. The two opportunities are the VIP Breakfast or the Business Exchange. During the VIP breakfast, you will have the opportunity to network with planners, brand tables with gifts, and receive 12-15 minutes to present a customized presentation to the planners. (Minimum of 60 planners). At the Business Exchange you will have the same opportunity to brand the tables and present to the planners before the Business Exchange officially opens for the conference.

If you are interested in investing, please see pricing and packaging below::

Value: $ 10,000.00 Cost: $ 5,500.00

· Branded pre-Conference marketing opportunity 

· Speaking Opportunity

· Event Signage

· NCBMP Website: Logo

· Fall Conference Booklet: Logo

· One Conference Registration

· One Business Exchange Pass

· One Chairman’s Reception Invitation

· NCBMP Post Show Attendee Listing

We recognize the sales industry is constantly evolving and that each organization is looking for a creative opportunity to showcase their destination or services. As a member of NCBMP, we want you to know that we understand your needs and challenges. We have created this amazing program for members to help them navigate the changes and challenges within the industry. This is a great opportunity for you to get in front of that top client that normally would not be possible without this program. This unique experience is only limited to four sponsors. If you would like to participate, than choose this area when you register for the NCBMP Conference.


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