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The NCBMP Business Exchange


The National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners has elevated the supplier experience by enhancing the NCBMP Business Exchange! We turned the tables giving suppliers the opportunity to market their properties, destinations and services directly to meeting planners. This unique engagement sells out every year and provides beneficial rewards for both the meeting professionals and suppliers. The Business Exchange integrates a planner reception, supplier presentations, a reverse tradeshow and a planner presentation. Our goal is to maximize traffic, increase ROI and exceed individual attendee’s objectives.

One week prior to the 2018 Annual Conference, each registered supplier who paid for the Business Exchange will be sent a list of all the meeting planners and an information packet that will provide valuable insight regarding the planner’s history and needs. The information will help you determine how to make the most of your floor time and schedule potential times during the evening when hosting customers. Note: This information is available exclusively to suppliers with valid fully paid Business Exchange registrations. Forwarding this information to non-exhibitors will render you exempt from future NCBMP Business Exchanges.

How does the appointment process work?
The NCBMP Business Exchange allows industry leaders and friends to have valuable conversations in a reception environment. The event no longer requires appointments, booths, tabletops and brochures! Each Meeting Planner takes a seat and allows the Suppliers to rotate and have productive conversation. NCBMP has leveled the playing field by providing an appointment free environment to ensure its partners equal access to opportunities. Who you should see is up to you! Each meeting will last only seven minutes which is long enough for suppliers and planners to exchange key information.

Is there more to the Business Exchange?
Yes, there is! NCBMP brings back the Meeting Planner Spotlight! Each year we have must see industry professionals who prepare a presentation regarding their organization and opportunities. What is the best way to ensure all have an opportunity at their business? Place them in one space and allow suppliers to come to them. We will facilitate sessions for handpicked planners who will present everything you need to know in order to be considered for their business.

Still More?
Why not! Let's pack light and save the planet. NCBMP is offering the opportunity to get your information to the planner before they arrive at the conference. With your exchange registration, you have the opportunity to submit a one-page tear sheet highlighting your destination, property or service. A supplier packet will be provided to each meeting planner, so they can actively do business with suppliers who continue to support NCBMP. Your information will need to be submitted at least three weeks before the Annual Conference.

Benefits of the NCBMP Business Exchange/Reverse Trade Show Participation?

  • Face-to-face networking with meeting planners
  • You receive meeting planner profiles so you can prepare before your meetings
  • No set appointments so you can move freely throughout and meet with whomever you need to meet with at the event.
  • No exhibit booths, so packing is light.
  • The Meeting Planner Spotlight is a great opportunity for you to hear from the Planner
  • Attendee Listings and Profiles: A benefit for exhibitors and sponsors only!

There is only room for 70 participants in the NCBMP Business Exchange. NCBMP will accept registration applications through Friday, November 9, 2018 in order to successfully plan for your participation. Space is limited! This event SOLD OUT last year & will SELL OUT again!

Register early to secure your spot today!!!



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