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Welcome to the 2018 Financial, Operations Management / Information Technology (FOM/IT) Conference Exhibit Sales Form! 
Please read the information below as some policies have changed.

All 2018 CHI Exhibitors will have priority opportunity to reserve your booth at the FOM/IT EXPO at a special discounted rate until August 17th.  

Beginning August 20th, booth reservations will be accepted for all interested exhibitors wanting to join us for the 2018 FOM/IT EXPO.  

1.  Online Exhibit Application:
Complete the online Exhibit Space Application. Be sure to provide your company profile for the Exhibit Guide. (NACHC shows are now via online registration only.)

2. Booth Selection
Booths are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Please understand that the booth you have selected, although it is not highlighted RED (meaning sold) on the floor plan, it may already be requested by another exhibitor whose reservation was received prior to this submission. If the booths you have selected are not available, you will be assigned a booth closest to your preferred selections. Reserved Booths: When making your booth selection, please keep in mind all booths shown on the floor plan in ORANGE are reserved and only available for NACHC CORPORATE MEMBERS. Those booths highlighted in GREEN are reserved for Community Health Ventures (CHV) - "ViP Row" and are only available for ViP, ViS, ViL, ViB and ViD Partners. 

3.  Payment:
Full payment MUST accompany the application in order for an exhibit booth to be reserved and your company to be confirmed for the FOM/IT EXPO.

Credit Card Payment:
To ensure immediate booth placement, complete the online application, providing your credit card payment and a booth will be assigned in the order the application was received.  

Check Payment:
If you must pay using a company check, please complete the online application, an invoice will be provided to you via email.  Your company check MUST be received before a booth can be assigned and your company participation can be confirmed for the FOM/IT EXPO. 

Payment of 100% is due on booth reservations made within 90 days of the show date.  Refunds are not provided in the event you should need to cancel.   

4. Confirmation:
For paid online reservations received, an email from the NACHC Sales Team, confirming your assigned location will be sent within 3 business days of receiving your application.  For check payments, a confirmation will be provided once check payment is received and processed.  This may take a minimum of a week or more depending on when your check payment is received. 

All booths are 8x10 and will include:
     -Standard Booth Equipment
       (drapery, 1-6’ draped table, 2 chairs and company ID sign)
     -Two Complimentary Conference Registrations
       (each 8x10 unit will receive two full conference registrations,  all additional registrations are at the discounted rate of $600 per person)
     -Complimentary Wi-Fi Access
     -Company Profile in Exhibit Guide*
     -Show Security
     -Online Exhibitor Service Manual
       (the EXPO hall is carpeted; therefore carpet is not necessary)

*Pending date of signed contract

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