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The main entrances into the 2017 CHI EXPO are the doors located under booths 306 and 307 as well as the set of doors located under booths 506 and 507 or on either side of booth number 5.


Every attempt will be made to assign you the space of your choice. Booth space is assigned on a first-come first-served basis in the order in which your application was received. Where prior commitments conflict with your choice, NACHC will assign you the next nearest space to your original selection.

Once you receive your booth confirmation, it is imperative that you check the placement of your booth on the floor plan and the exhibitors surrounding your booth location. If you are not comfortable with your booth placement due to location or the exhibitors around you, please notify Tricia Willhide at and request to be moved.

NACHC Exhibit Management Team makes every effort to place you in your desired booth location, we try to avoid assigning a booth next to your competitor or next to any company that you identify that you do not wish to be near, however; should any of the above circumstances take place and you have not contacted NACHC to request a new booth location, NACHC is not obligated to provide any discounts, refunds or adjusted booth locations once we are at show site.


Please remember all pink booths (#'s 506-527) on the floor plan are reserved for NACHC CORPORATE MEMBERS. If you are interested in becoming a corporate member and saving 25% off your exhibit space, please contact for more information.

All light blue booths (#'s 306 - 327) are reserved for Community Health Ventures (CHV) and may only be reserved by ViP, ViS, ViL and ViB Partners.

Please make your booth selection(s) by clicking on the desired blue booth(s). The booth will turn green upon selection. To un-select, simply click on the green booth again.


Remember, the most important element to the CHI EXPO is YOU, our exhibitors.  What will you do to stand out in the crowd?  What elements will you add to your booth to delight and excite your customers to stimulate the senses and create an experience that no one will soon forget?  Don't miss your opportunity to leave a lasting impression of what sets your company apart and why you are the best investment a Community Health Center could make.  You don't have to have a big budget to 'WOW' those who are passing by, all you need is a little creativity to bring your booth experience to life. 

Your time will be well spent engaging old and new friends, prospective clients and potential new business to business contacts you will make.  All of these individuals play a part in the work they do daily to make their community health centers better for the millions of Americans they collectively serve!  


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