Manuals & Training

1. Manuals

2. How to Chat at the Conference

The Conference offers multiple ways for attendees to interact with others virtually. The following PDF file contains the slides from a presentation on using the chat system, and there is a link to the video file. Meetings with volunteer mentors and translators use the chat system, as described in the next section.

3. Making Appointments with Mentors & Translators

The slide presentation below describes how the person requesting the services of a volunteer mentor or translator can set up an appointment and initiate the agreed-upon session.

4. Setup Process for Volunteer Mentors & Translators

The virtual conference system allows volunteer mentors and translators to specify their areas of expertise and to configure the time slots when they will be available. Two training sessions were held for the volunteers to teach them how to configure their areas of expertise and hours of availability. Video recordings of those sessions were made and can be accessed at the links below. A PDF file with the slide presentation is also available.


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