Philadelphia, a uniquely historic place in the American Jewish experience, sparked multiple Conference themes seeking to investigate genealogy “from the past into the future.” How do our combined Jewish and American pasts affect us and what does the future of genealogy look like?

Early Jewish Settlers of the Americas will offer sessions exploring the communal contributions of Jews in the New World, starting from the Colonial periods with a focus on Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

The Heritage and Cultural Material theme explores the cultural context of family heirlooms, recipes, and objects to enhance our genealogical explorations by looking at more than vital statistics.

The Methodology and Mechanics theme, endeavors to look at how genealogists employ advanced computer tools to enhance research.

The Beginners theme offers a way to work on basic skills for the Conference attendees are just starting to discover the puzzle of their families.

This year’s DNA Insights for Genealogy track includes presentations about data visualization and Y-DNA investigations.

The Keepers of the Shoah Memory track offers insight and expertise on writing the stories of Holocaust survivors and preserving their memories.

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