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Since we cannot meet in person, the Conference is offering the next best thing—interactive meetings! All attendees will be visible and are able to greet and visit with each other. And just like meeting in person, there will be a time to talk and a time to be muted. By offering a much more satisfying meeting experience, additional costs will be incurred to purchase the additional group Zoom licenses and provide additional staff to moderate these meetings.

Registration for any Special Interest Group (SIG), Research Division (RD), Birds of a Feather (BOF), or Research Group (RG) meeting will require a fee of $10 to attend a single meeting. If interested in two or more meetings, the total fee for multiple-meeting registration is $18. As last year, you will be required to register in order to access the scheduled meetings you are interested in. They will be available on the Conference website via your Attendee Service Center.

SIG, BOF, Research Group, and Research Division meetings are live and available to all Limited Access Attendees and all Full Conference Attendees.

All SIG, BOF, Research Group, and Research Division meetings will be recorded and added to the Lecture Library, along with the On-Demand and other Live sessions. All these recordings will be available for 60 days after the Conference ends on August 5th.

Note: you do not have to be a “member” of these groups to participate in the meetings. Anyone interested is welcome.

What Are These Organizations?

SIGs are Special Interest Groups who share interests in a specific geographic region of origin or special topic, such as Galicia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, or volunteers working on records in Poland. Within JewishGen, these groups are designated as Research Divisions (RD).

BOFs or Birds of a Feather groups are typically smaller groups and meet more informally concerning shared interests, such as researching a particular town, using the Genealogy Portal, being a blogger, or managing a website.

District Research Groups (DRG) are the latest addition to Jewish genealogy groups. These focus on a particular area, city, or a JewishGen project such as DNA, Yizkor books, or being a professional genealogist.


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