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Conference Chair

The IAJGS Conference Chair is Judi Missel. She can be reached at

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The conference treasurer is Doug Cohen. He can be reached at

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Registration Chair

The registration chair is Cheryl Shapiro. If you have questions about or problems with registration, please write to

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The webmaster is Jay Sage. He can be reached at

If you notice any technical issue with a page on this site, please let him know. To make it easy, there is usually a link at the bottom of each page that will generate a message to him with the subject line already filled in with the name of the page.

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Program Chair

The Program Chair is Hadassah Lipsius. She can be reached at

As the Conference program evolves, information will appear under the "Program" tab on the website.

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Publicity & Public Relations

The publicity chair is Sandy Golden. Questions from the media should be directed to her at

Information for members of the press, such as press releases, will be available under the ABOUT menu tab in the Press Information item.

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Speaker & Program Assistance Chair

Elise Eisenberg manages speaker questions, program schedule on the website, and general technical issues. She can be reached at

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Mobile App Chair

Cheryl Shapiro manages the Conference mobile application for smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android). For iPhone and iPad, iOS version 13.0 or later is required. Cheryl can be reached at

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Facebook Group Moderator

The Facebook Group moderator is Robinn Magid. She can be reached at

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Kosher SIG Facebook Group Moderators

Hadassah Lipsius and Lara Diamond moderate the Kosher SIG Facebook Group, which is a resource for conference attendees who are Jewishly observant. For information about that group, click HERE.


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Discussion List Moderator

The moderator of the conference Discussion List is Jay Sage. For issues concerning the list, he can be contacted at

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Exhibitor/Sponsor Liaison

Diane Jacobs is the contact person for those interested in having a table in the Exhibit Hall or are interested in becoming a sponsor of the conference. Questions should be directed to her at

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Volunteers Coordinator

If you are ready to help with the huge number of activities during the conference (e.g., stuffing materials into registration bags or as a door monitor or ticket-taker) please write to our volunteer chair Marilyn Golden at

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Robinn Magid is managing accessibility issues for the conference. She can be reached at

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Minyan Services

The Minyan services are being organized by Elliot Greene. He can be reached at

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