Conference Access

Welcome to the new and even better 2nd All Virtual Conference. The doors are now open!

Use the link below to enter the Conference. Then log in with your registered email address and password.

Explore This Entire Virtual Environment

Your Conference Team has worked for months to make this a rewarding experience. Additional directions will be found under the Help Desk tab (top right), as well as on the website.

  • Go to the Auditorium dropdown menu tab to find all sessions, presentations, and meetings.
  • Visit the Expo Hall (click on its tab or its name above the "Welcome" sign) with our amazing exhibitors.
  • If you would like research help, arrange to talk to a mentor through the Mentors Booth in the Expo Hall.
  • For help with translation, set up an appointment in the Translators Booth in the Expo Hall.
  • The Resource Library tab offers over 25 databases to advance your research.
  • Go to the Attendee Lounge (under the Lounge menu tab) and search for surnames and matches among other attendees.
  • And don’t forget to try to win prizes in the Game Room.
  • Finally, if you have questions, check out the Help Desk tab. Detailed instructions are available there.

Most important of all, have fun, learn, and visit each other online. It is my sincere hope that everyone finds that this is not just another meeting in little boxes. It's definitely not in person, but as close as we can manage right now.

Happy Conference!

Judi Gyory Missel
Conference Chair

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