SIG & BOF Scheduling

The 41st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy will offer live interactive meetings for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Research Divisions, Birds of a Feather (BOFs), and Research Groups/Districts to share their information.

How to Participate

SIG and BOF Session Leaders who are interested in participating in the Conference must submit their completed SIG and BOF Applications to no later than May 12, 2021.

SIG/RD Application

A PDF version of the required SIG application to participate can be viewed or downloaded HERE. (If you need an editable version, you can download the file as SIG_Application.docx.)

BOF Application

A PDF version of the required BOF application to participate can be viewed or downloaded HERE. (If you need an editable version, you can download the file as BOF_Application.docx.)

Application Due Dates

All applications are due no later than May 12, 2021. The Program Team will create the schedule as applications are received.

If you have any questions, special requests, or suggestions, SIG and BOF leaders should contact Judi Missel, Conference Chair at

Participants (all are subject to change)

The following SIGs operating under the JewishGen umbrella will be participating:

  • JewishGen Austria-Czech Research Division
  • JewishGen Belarus Research Division
  • JewishGen Bessarabia Research Division
  • JewishGen Crypto Jewish Research Division
  • JewishGen Danzig/Gdánsk Research Division
  • JewishGen Germany Research Division
  • JewishGen Hungary Research Division
  • JewishGen Latvia Research Division
  • JewishGen Romania Research Division
  • JewishGen Sephardic Research Division
  • JewishGen SubCarpathia Research Division
  • JewishGen Ukraine Research Division
  • JewishGen United Kingdom Division (JCR-UK)
  • JewishGen USA Research Division
  • JewishGen Yizkor Books Research Division

The following independent SIGs will be participating:

  • Gesher Galicia
  • JRI Poland
  • Litvak SIG

The following Birds of a Feather, Research Groups, and Districts will be participating:

  • Bukovina BOF
  • Canada BOF
  • Chernigov Gubernia BOF
  • DNA Project Administrators BOF
  • Friends of Jewish Heritage Poland BOF
  • Friends of Jewish Cemetery Restoration in Eastern Europe BOF
  • Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy BOF
  • Users BOF
  • Jewish Genealogy Portal with BOF
  • JGS Newsletter Editors
  • Lublin and Zamosc Area BOF
  • Jewish Genealogists Using Apple Tech BOF
  • Mogilev-Podolsky & Shargorod BOF
  • Ostrow Mazowiecka BOF
  • Professional Genealogists
  • Rohatyn District BOF
  • Svencionys District Research Group
  • Trakai District of Vilna Gubernia
  • Webmaster Roundtable BOF
  • Yizkor Book BOF
  • Vilnius Household Registers BOF
  • Siedlce Gubernia
  • Podzelva BOF
  • Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook BOF Meeting
  • Klaipeda (Memel) District Research Group
  • Kobrin Uyezd Jewish Research Group
  • Kolbuszowza Region BOF (KRRG)
  • Kremenets District Research Group
  • Kupiskis SIG and Rokiskis SIG BOF Group
  • Lida District / Oshmiany District BOF (Lithuania and Belarus)
  • Suchostaw Region Research Group (SRRG)
  • Vilnius District Research Group


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