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These pages are informational only. In order to attend a webinar, all attendees must sign into the Attendee Service Center and go to the LIVE WEBINAR ENTRANCE page.

SIG, BOF, Research Group, and Research District meetings are live and available to all Limited Access Attendees and all Full Conference Attendees. These meetings will not be recorded.

Note: you do not have to be a “member” of these groups to participate in the meetings. Anyone interested is welcome.

The Search Options form allows you to limit the listing based on words in the title, keywords, speaker name, or date. In addition (and possibly more easily), you can use the search function in the web browser to search for words in the listing. Clicking on the “Printer Friendly” button under the “Search” button below will open a new browser window with the listing formatted for printing.

What Are These Organizations?

SIGs are Special Interest Groups who share interests in a specific geographic region of origin or special topic, such as Galicia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, or volunteers working on records in Poland. Within JewishGen, these groups are designated as Research Districts (RD).

BOFs or Birds of a Feather groups are typically smaller groups and meet more informally concerning shared interests, such as researching a particular town, using the Genealogy Portal, being a blogger, or managing a website.

District Research Groups (DRG) are the latest addition to Jewish Genealogy groups. These focus on a particular area, city, or a JewishGen project such as DNA, Yizkor books, or being a professional genealogist.


All times listed in the schedule are Eastern Daylight Time.

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