Starting the Process

If you have already registered as an attendee and want to make changes, you should be going to the Attendee Service Center and logging in using your email address and the password that was sent to you in the registration confirmation (or the one you chose when you reset the password).

Please read these important instructions and useful tips before beginning registration.

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer! Notebooks and other mobile devices, such as smart phones or an iPad, may not display or execute registration pages correctly.
  • Follow through to the end! After starting this process, do not close the registration window until you have completed the final step on the Payment page, or none of your data will be saved.
  • Read the Instructions! Before beginning this process, please read the Registration Overview page.
  • Allow enough time to complete the entire process in a single sitting. This may take up to 15 minutes, and the site does not save any data for incomplete registration sessions. If you don’t already have your surnames and ancestral towns ready for your badge, don’t worry. You may leave those fields blank, complete the registration form, and come back later to the Attendee Service Center to add data.
  • Complete the primary attendee’s registration first. At the end you may click a button to start a new registration for a Spouse/Domestic Partner and pay for both. Alternatively, you may submit payment for the primary attendee and then come back to this page later to register the second person, being sure again to continue to the very end and submit a second payment.

Have you attended a previous IAJGS conference?

Registering Yourself: Enter your surname and email address and click the “Search” button.

Registering a Spouse/Domestic Partner: If the spouse/domestic partner attended a previous conference, enter that person’s surname and email address and click the “Search” button. If the spouse/domestic partner did not attend a previous conference, click the “New Registration” button.

Note: If you registered for a previous conference using an email address that is no longer valid, enter the old address here to get logged in. Be sure to provide your current email address (along with any other necessary corrections) on the first page of the new form.

No previous attendance (or can’t remember your old email address)?


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