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These pages are informational only. In order to attend a webinar, all attendees must sign into the Attendee Center and then go to the LIVE WEBINAR ENTRANCE page under the ATTENDEE CENTER tab.

Live Programs

This page lists the programs that will be broadcast as live-streaming programs for all Full Conference Attendees as part of the 2020 virtual conference. Each program has a date and time when it can be seen. Live programs include all live presentations, panels, chat rooms, annual meetings, SIG & BOF meetings, and JGS seminars.

Most of the programs listed here will be recorded and become part of the Presentations On-Demand library approximately 6-8 hours after recording. This symbol ∎ added to the title of a session indicates that it will be recorded.

The SIG, BOF, Research Group, and Research Division meetings are available for all attendees (including Limited Access Attendees) and are listed on SIG and BOF Meetings page. Those live sessions will not be recorded.

Directions for viewing our Film Festival are found on the Films page.

Limited Access Attendees can see the entire program schedule, but they will not be able to attend all sessions.

The Search Options form allows you to limit the listing based on words in the title, keywords, speaker name, or date. In addition (and possibly more easily), you can use the search function in the web browser to search for words in the listing.


All times listed in the schedule are Eastern Daylight Time.

For a time-zone conversion chart, click HERE.


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[The symbol ∎ added to the title of a session indicates that it will be recorded and be added to the On-Demand presentation library.]

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