Lecture Library Presentation Preparation Instructions

Preparation of an MP4 File for Your Lecture-Library Talk

The following instructions are intended only for sessions that will be offered “on-demand” in the Lecture Library.

Presenters of Live Sessions should not submit an MP4 through this process. Doing so will NOT result in a recording that you can replay for your live presentation. Soon we will have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page with information for speakers at live sessions. Live Session speakers should visit the FAQ Page for Live Speakers for further instructions.

You can find detailed, step-by-step instructions—including crucial software guidance—for preparing a talk in MP4 format using PowerPoint or Zoom by clicking HERE.

In addition, Ron Arons has created a more complete and technical version, which can be seen HERE. If you need further assistance, Ron has graciously volunteered his coaching services. Write to him at RonMP4Help@iajgs2020.org.

There are MP4 videos that you can watch and PDF files that you can read. Here is a list of them:

  1. PDF File: Making an MP4 with PowerPoint
  2. MP4 File: Making an MP4 with PowerPoint
  3. PDF File: Making an MP4 with Zoom
  4. MP4 File: Making an MP4 with Zoom

Two Slides to Include in Your Slide Show

This section applies to all presentations, those that will be part of the Lecture Library and those that will be part of the Live Session program.

We ask all speakers to add the introductory and concluding slides below—appropriately customized—to the beginning and end, respectively, of their presentations.

  1. Introductory Slide: Introductory_Slide-2020.pptx
  2. Concluding Slide:  Concluding_Slide-2020.pptx


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