Why the Change in Registration Fee Structure

You may be asking, “Why the Change in Registration Fee Structure at the San Diego Conference?”

The San Diego Conference has two conditions that are different than with prior conferences:

  1. Significant Increase in Security Costs
  2. Significant Increase in Food Costs

Most of us are aware of both the Pittsburgh and Poway tragedies and the rise in anti-Semitic attacks around the world. Your safety is our Number 1 Priority.

Yehuda, our Israeli security consultant (who protects March of the Living, some Super Bowls, and even the upcoming Tokyo Olympics), advised us that our security expenses for this Conference will be at least six times what we paid in Warsaw. In addition, we are using the services of Shelly Zimmerman, the Jewish former Police Chief of San Diego, to help keep us safe.

The high cost of living in California translates into a higher cost for catered meals at our Conference. The hotel requires us to guarantee a minimum number of dollars spent on meals. A significant penalty is levied against us if we do not meet this Food & Beverage minimum.

Rather than pass these additional expenses on, we chose to cut our costs in other ways and include the Gala Banquet dinner (moved to Monday) with the price of registration to ensure we meet our Food & Beverage minimum. We felt that a 5½ day conference packed with fabulous speakers and including a banquet ticket—all for the price of $520—still sounded like a good deal. Early registration numbers seem to confirm that full-paying attendees agree with us. (FYI, there will not be any additional food voucher requirement this year beyond the $520 registration fee.)

In addition, we have asked the Conference speakers to help us keep costs down for the paying attendees by requiring them to buy a banquet ticket. Already 98% of our speakers have stepped up to do just that (for which we are extremely grateful!).

We thank you all for your interest in our 40th Anniversary Conference, and we look forward to seeing you all in San Diego! Register before May 15 for the Early Bird Discount.


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