Guest Registrations

Registered attendees may get guest badges for non-registered spouse/partners so that they can attend the reception at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ($50) and the Banquet ($90), and they may sign them up for the Cemetery Tours ($35). They may also order boxed lunches ($20) for them.

If an attendee needs a personal caretaker to accompany them, a badge may be ordered for the caretaker at no cost.

Speakers may order guest badges to allow family and friends to attend their lecture only. The first such badge is free; additional guest badges cost $20.

Guest Registration Instructions

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Follow the procedure in the Basic Registration Information & Links section of the Registration Overview page to get into the registration form.
  2. On the third page of the registration form, you will find a block called “NON-REGISTERED SPOUSE FEES”. It looks like this:

    Box for specifying number of guests

    Enter in the box the number of guests you are registering. The number will generally be “1” if you are getting tickets for a spouse/partner. It might be more than one if you are getting guest tickets for family or friends to attend your talk (only). On a later page of the registration form, there will be blocks for entering the information about each guest.

    Although the word “Spouse” is used on all of the screens, the screens apply to all types of guests.

  3. Continue to the second page of the registration form after this one. There will be a block for entering the name of each guest and selecting the item(s) you wish to purchase or obtain for them. Here is the top of that page for the case of one guest.

    Entering data for guests

    If you have specified more than one guest, there will be multiple sections on this page, one for each guest. The top of the page will look like the image below on the left. Farther down the screen you’ll see a block like the image on the right.

    Data entry area for first guest   Data entry area for second guest

    Fill in the information for each guest and make the appropriate selections. Then continue to the end of the registration form and make any required payment.

    If you do not continue through the end of the registrations form, the information you entered will not be saved and will be lost.


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