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For the third year, we will be holding the popular Mentoring Program, which has become a well-received opportunity for attendees to get brief one-on-one time with the speakers whose sessions they attended. The mentoring sessions will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions related to their own personal research. Attendees and mentors alike have said that they found the Mentoring Program to be really useful and a major benefit of attending the Conference.

The speakers will announce their office hour sessions, lasting typically between 60 and 90 minutes, at the end of their talk. Also look for them to be posted during the Conference. And get your questions ready ahead of time.

Mentoring sessions will be held Monday through Thursday (not on Sunday or Friday). For the schedule, see the Conference Hours page.


  1. Mentors are to provide guidance to assist attendees in overcoming brick walls by suggesting new paths for research or different ways to analyze data/results. They may also answer specific questions if possible.
    1. Mentors will not do research for the attendee.
    2. Mentors will “coach” attendees, who can then go to the Resource Room to implement what they just learned.
  2. Sessions are meant to be can be one-on-one but may be in small groups of people who have common questions. Get there early, as it will be first-come-first-served. There are no signup sheets.


Q.  How many office hours will there be for a speaker/mentor?
  A.  No specific number is required; that up to the Mentor and depends on their schedule.
Q.  Will the office hours be on the same day as the speaker’s presentation?
  A.  Not necessarily. The Mentors will announce the hours after their presentations; you should also check the latest listing posted in the Mentor Area.
Q.  Where will the Mentor Area be located?
  A.  The Mentor Area will in a designated area on the 3rd floor.
Q.  Will there be Internet access?
  A.  We expect the Mentoring Area to have WiFi access. Bring your laptop or tablet fully charged and booted up; Mentors may not have their computers with them.
Q.  What if no one shows up or the Mentor finishes early?
  A.  Mentors will wait 15 minutes if there is no one there. Ater that, they may leave. So we recommend that you arrive close the starting time.
Q.  Should I bring my documents?
  A.  Yes, bring copies or electronic versions (never bring originals, only copies).


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