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Diagram of Floor 3 of the Hilton

The conference will feature an Exhibit Hall in Rooms D and E of the Hope Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Hilton Cleveland Downtown as shown to the right. It will be open during four of the five full days of the Conference, Sunday, July 28, through Wednesday, July 31.

We expect to attract good traffic by including other activities in the same area. The Exhibit Hall will have tables at the back where attendees can talk with each other, check their email, and eat food from the concession stand. On Sunday, the area will be opened up to include Rooms A, B, and C of the Hope Ballroom in which the SHARE Fair will be taking place.

Exhibitor Fact Sheet

For information about the Exhibit Hall, including the hours when it will be open, logistical considerations, and fees for various options, please see the Exhibitor Fact Sheet.

Terms & Conditions

The terms that apply are described in the Exhibitor Conditions section on page 2 of the Exhibitor Contract.


A table (8' x 30") costs $300 and is supplied with two chairs and a wastebasket. There is a maximum of six tables per exhibitor. A $25 discount per table will be allowed if we receive a signed contract and payment by May 31, 2019 (extended from May 15).

Additional fees apply for a two-table corner booth, an island with four or more tables, and additional chairs. See the Exhibitor Contract for details.

Signing Up as an Exhibitor

Download the Exhibitor Contract and enter details for your space order. Payment is by PayPal, credit card (processed by PayPal), or check. Please see instructions on page 2 of the contract. If you pay online, scan the signed contract and send the image or PDF file by email to Otherwise, mail the signed contract with a check to the address indicated in the contract.

The deadline for submission of signed contracts and payment is July 1, 2019. Please be aware that space may sell out before then. Contracts and payments received after July 1 will incur a $100 late fee.

Instructions for completing and submitting the form and payment are in the Exhibitor Contract.

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