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Taube Jewish Heritage Tours is the official tour provider for the IAJGS conference in Warsaw. To see detailed information about the tours they are offering and to book a tour, go to the special website they have created HERE.

They are offering both custom tours and standard tours. There is a form on the home page for requesting a custom tour. Their standard tours are grouped in the following categories:

  • Pre-conference multi-day group tours
  • Warsaw tours during the conference
  • One-day tours
  • Post conference tours

On the Taube Jewish Heritage Tours page, click on the “Tours offer” button under the category heading to see the tours being offered in that category.

Under each tour, there is a “Book today!” button. Click on that button—don't worry that it will already book you for the tour. It will take you to a page with all the details about that tour, including highlights and/or the itinerary of the tour, the days and times on which it is offered, and how many places remain open for booking. To book a place, click on the green “BOOK” button for the specific tour you wish to book.


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