On the opening day of the conference (Sunday, August 5, 2018), from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, there will be a fair with tables for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Birds of a Feather (BOFs), archives and repositories, local genealogical and historical societies, and related local organizations of interest. The fair will give conference participants the opportunity to talk with representatives of the organizations and to become acquainted with these organizations and what they offer to genealogists. Think of it as a one-afternoon exhibition.

The SHARE Fair provides non-profit organizations involved in or supporting Jewish genealogy the opportunity share their story and to answer the questions of conference participants.


A Chocolate Reception sponsored by Jewish Genealogy Portal will be available for all to partake while enjoying the SHARE Fair.

What Is a SHARE Fair?

We call the fair “SHARE Fair”, where the letters stand for the following:

  S IGs & BOFs
  H istorical Research Societies
  A rchives
  R epositories
  E minent Genealogists, JGSs, and local groups


Participants in the Fair include the following:

  • Jewish Genealogy Portal
  • Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA)
  • Jewish Genealogy Society of Rio de Janeiro
  • JewishGen Austria-Czech SIG
  • JewishGen Bessarabia SIG
  • JewishGen Bialystok SIG
  • JewishGen GerSIG (German Jewish SIG)
  • Gesher Galicia
  • JewishGen HSIG (Hungarian SIG)
  • JewishGen Latvia SIG
  • Litvak SIG (Lithuania SIG)
  • UK SIG (United Kingdom SIG)
  • JewishGen Ukraine SIG
  • Bukovina BOF (Czernowitz-Sadagora Area BOF)
  • BOF
  • Professional Genealogists BOF


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