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This IAJGS 2018 Conference schedule is offered for all to organize their attendance. Be aware that there may continue to be adjustments of room assignments, presentations added and, perhaps, a few deleted. This online schedule will continue to be updated as needed.

Prior to and during the Conference, a Conference App will continuously update program changes. In addition, signage outside presentation rooms will keep you current. 

Conference Recording

For those unable to attend the Conference, “IAJGS ON-DEMAND!” will give you the opportunity to watch lectures recorded at the Conference and available for on-demand streaming (click here for details). The lectures included in “IAJGS ON-DEMAND!” are noted on the program by the prefix “OnDe!” in the sessionn title. You can easily see all of them by doing a keyword search with that string.

Note that audio recordings will not be available this year as they have been in the past.

Fee-Added Sessions 

Sessions preceded by $$$ are at an additional cost. These include SIG Luncheons, Computer Labs, and the Gala Banquet. These sessions are available for sale through Registration. 

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