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If you can’t make it to Warsaw—or even if you can make it but can’t be in two places at once—you can view many of the presentations, 40 in all, whenever you are ready to see them. Note that audio recordings will not be available this year as they have been in the past.

When you purchase the ON-DEMAND! package, you will be able to log into a special page on this website from which you can view video recordings of 40 conference sessions. You can watch the presentations on-demand, i.e., whenever you like. The sessions will stream to your Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In past years, the sessions were streamed live (i.e., as the lectures were being given). Because of the time-zone difference this year (and because of issues with getting adequate Internet bandwidth at the conference venue), this year the video will not become available until shortly after the conference is over.

On the other hand, while in past years the videos were available for only three months, this year you will have until July, 2019—nearly a full year—in which to view them.

When the videos become available, you will be sent instructions and a password for accessing the videos.

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There are two prices for the package:

  • Conference Registrants: If you are registered for the conference, you can add an ON-DEMAND! subscriptions for $179.
  • Non-Registrants: If you are not registered for the conference, you can subscribe to ON-DEMAND! for $209.

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How to Subscribe to ON-DEMAND!

The Conference registration form now offers ON-DEMAND! as an add-on to registration for attendees in Warsaw or as a standalone registraton item for those who can’t make the trip to the Conference this year.

Already Registered for the Conference

If you have already registered, click on the Attendee Service Center item under the REGISTRATION tab and log in using the password provided in your registration confirmation email (and in later updates you have received). Click

“Update Your Information”

and, on the “Conference Registration Fees” page, check the

“ON-DEMAND! Add-on to Conference registration”

item ($179). Continue to the payment page and make your payment.

Not Registered for the Conference

If you have not registered, click on the NEW REGISTRATION item under the REGISTRATION tab.

If you will not be attending the conference but want to sign up for ON-DEMAND!, fill in your personal information on the registration form, continue to the “Additional Information” page, and select the

“ON-DEMAND! Not attending in Warsaw”

item ($209). Please answer the few survey questions and proceed to the payment page.

If you want to register for the conference and subscribe to ON-DEMAND!, after you select “Full Conference Attendee”, check the

“ON-DEMAND! Add-on to Conference registration”

item ($179). Continue through the form to purchase computer workshops or meals and complete your registration on the payments page.

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Which Programs Are Being Recorded

Almost all of the programs listed to take place in the following rooms will be video recorded:

  • Warsaw-Warsaw IV
  • Lodz-Warsaw II

In the PROGRAM AND SCHEDULE (under the PROGRAM tab), the programs covered by ON-DEMAND! have a prefix of “OnDe!” in the title of the talk. You can see them all by entering “OnDe!” in the “Keyword” search field and then clicking the “Search” button.

     Search for ON-DEMAND! Sessions

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How to Use ON-DEMAND!

Start by going to the video access page (the ON-DEMAND! LOGIN PAGE item under the “ON-DEMAND!” tab). Then log in using the special password that will be sent to you. NOTE: this is not your conference registration password. It is a password that will be sent to everyone who signs up for ON-DEMAND!, probably not until the videos become available shortly after the conference ends.

Once you are logged in, you will see video players for each of the days. They will look something like the one shown below (from the 2017 conference). The right-hand part of the player has a ribbon with all the programs included in ON-DEMAND! for that day. You select a program by clicking in the box for that program. The selected program will then have a dotted line around its box. Note that there is a scroll bar at the far right for accessing more programs than can be shown at one time. Click on the white, right-facing triangle in the middle of the player to start playing the video.

     ON-DEMAND! Player

When you move the mouse into the lower part of the video, several controls will appear, as shown below.

     ON-DEMAND! Controls

The control on the left toggles the video on and off. When the video is playing, the icon is a double vertical bar, as shown in the image above. When the video has been stopped, it will be a right-facing triangle icon (as shown in the image below). You can also toggle the video on and off by clicking in the main part of the player screen.

The second icon is the volume control. It is described in more detail below.

The numbers to the right of the volume control show the current time within the presentation and the total length of the presentation. At the far right is a button for making the video fill the screen on your device. To get out of full-screen mode, type the ESC key on a computer or the changed version of that icon on tablets and smartphones.

There is also a time bar spanning the video image. The pink section shows where one is currently within the lecture, while the gray section to its right indicates how much additional video has already been downloaded into a storage buffer. You can move the mouse along the bar to skip forward and backward. As you move the mouse, the time will be shown on the screen; when you then click the mouse, the video will jump to that time. There will be a delay when you jump.

This image shows the volume control opened by moving the mouse over the icon. A pink bar appears, and one can click the mouse in the bar to raise or lower the audio volume. If the maximum volume is not high enough, you have to increase the volume setting on the computer or other device.

     ON-DEMAND! Player Volume Control


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