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Mid-Day Dining Options Expanded With Pre-Ordered Boxed Lunches

We are proud to offer an exciting Conference. There will be more than 300 lectures, panels, and meetings running from 8 am until 8 pm And we want to make sure that this is the best possible experience for you. But what about lunch?

We are excited to offer BOXED LUNCHES! You cannot beat the convenience of knowing that your lunch is ready and just needs to be picked up as you dash off to your next fascinating presentation or join your fellow countrymen in one of the organized “bring-your-own” lunch meetings. Pre-ordered lunches will be ready for pickup in the back of the room in the Resource Village.

Purchasing these packaged lunches makes your day run smoothly and contributes to the success of the Conference. The primary hotel at every IAJGS Conference requires a minimum expenditure on food, so buying your non-Kosher boxed lunch through the hotel helps meet this expense. Registered attendees can order a boxed lunch for themselves as well as for family or friends who are not registered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This service is not a substitute for meals being served at the catered SIG luncheons. Those luncheons require tickets issued through prepaid, online registration. You may not attend unless you have registered for the event, which includes a lunch.

Cost, Options, and Deadlines


Non-kosher boxed lunches are $20 USD each. They are provided by the hotel and include a choice of:

  • a baguette with smoked cheese or
  • toast with beef pastrami

They include potato chips, two pieces of whole fruit, cookies, a muffin, still water, and fruit juice.

They must be pre-ordered through your online registration account before midnight, July 21, 2018.


Kosher boxed lunches are also $20 USD each. They are produced by our outside kosher caterer and will provide a comparable lunch with a choice of meat or dairy-free pareve sandwich. Sandwich fillings will be announced later. We suggest you pre-order your kosher boxed lunch through your registration account before midnight, July 21, 2018.

You also will be able to buy food at the Kosher concession stand during the Conference, but quantities and selection are not guaranteed.

How To Sign Up

If you have already registered for the Conference, go to the Attendee Service Center from the REGISTRATION tab or click here. Sign in with the email address you used for registration and the password from your confirmation message. On the Welcome page, click “Update Your Info”, then click “Edit” and continue through the registration form. Now would be a good time to update or add information and to review your family surnames and historical towns.

On the “Meal Events” page, make your day-by-day Boxed Lunch selections and continue through to payment and confirmation.

Registration for boxed lunches will close on July 21, 2018, at 11:59 pm EDT. You may add or change meal reservations via the Attendee Service Center through July 21. However, no refunds will be made after June 30.

The Fine Print

Refunds shall be determined under the Conference Terms and Conditions, which you may read and to which you must agree when you complete registration. If you need to review the Terms and Conditions now, click on the OVERVIEW item under the REGISTRATION tab.

If you cancel your registration, you may not transfer a boxed lunch to anyone else, whether you receive a refund or not.

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