Program and Schedule

         The preliminary Conference schedule has been set, although there will continue to be adjustments of room assignments, presentations added and, perhaps, a few deleted. This on-line schedule is now up-to-date, and will continue to be updated. 

          Prior to and during the Conference, a Conference App will continuously update program changes. In addition, signage outside presentation rooms at the Conference will keep you current. 


          Conference Recording

          For those unable to attend the Conference, “IAJGS LIVE!”  will give you the opportunity to hear over 50 lectures streamed live from the Conference. The lectures included in “IAJGS LIVE!” will soon be noted on the program.

          Many Conference lectures will be audio recorded, and some will have their slides captured. These are noted on the Conference schedule.


          Fee-Added Sessions 

          Sessions preceded by $$$ are at an additional cost. These include SIG Luncheons, Computer Labs, the Educators’ Forum and the Gala Banquet.  

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