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Track Descriptions

Track 1: Animals and policy

Animal welfare legislative experts and humane lawmakers will share the most effective ways to advance animal protection bills at the local, state and federal levels of government.

Track 2: Skill building for effective advocacy

Effective messaging, coalition building and strategic public outreach are all necessary components of achieving big wins for animals. Learn from the experts how to best hone your animal advocacy skills.

Track 3: Ending the cruelest practices

Hear from the leaders on the front lines who are working to end the most abusive practices for animals and learn how you can bolster their efforts. They will highlight advances being made on behalf of animals farmed for food and fur, those that are hunted for trophies, dogs raised in puppy mills, animals used in cosmetic tests as well as horses.

Track 4: Animal advocacy: A systems perspective

Enacting positive change for animals requires addressing the issues both on the ground and from a broader systems perspective. These sessions highlight the intersection between some of the larger issues that impact animals and what can be done to address them.

Virtual TAFA

Virtual TAFA sessions are on various topics that will be presented live, and live streamed for a virtual audience. Participants registered for the virtual component of TAFA will have access to these sessions.

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