Attendee FAQ

How do I access the Online Program?
When are onsite registration hours?
What hotel do you recommend for attendees?
How much does the conference cost?
I am an attendee speaker, will I receive a gift?
I registered but can no longer attend. Who do I contact?
What is the educational tool and how do I get it?
My registration was never confirmed. Am I registered?
I need to change workshops. How do I do that?
Why do I need to attach a Purchase Order to my registration form?
When is the last day to register?
The workshop I want is full? Is there a waiting list?
Can I pay by credit card?
How about meals?
Is there an ATM nearby?
Is there Internet connectivity available?
Where do I mail payment to?
How do I pay for multiple attendees?
I need a copy of the 2019 W9 form and add the attachment.

If you have questions please email the attendee registration chair at:


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