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Know Before You Connect


Financial Services Institute

Know Before You Connect

We are excited you will be part of the complimentary and fully virtual FSI Forum 2021. Get ready for all the latest industry information and trends included in this event by reviewing the information below before we start on Tuesday, November 2.


Fire up your web browser and follow these steps so you are set to go with the FSI Forum virtual event web platform.

  1. Go to the FSI Forum virtual event platform website.
    • Click here to access the virtual platform. If you have previously logged in, including for FSI OneVoice 2021, enter your email address and password.
    • If you have not logged in before, or if you have forgotten your password, enter the email address you used when registering and click “Send Me a Magic Link.” You will receive an email from Swapcard with a sign-in link that prompts you to set a new password.
    • If you have already logged in to the platform: enter your email address and the password that you have set.
  2. Select the “FSI Forum” event on the main page.
    • When accessing the virtual event web platform, please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported. Third-party cookies must be enabled. Technical issues are usually caused by cached data. If you experience a problem, clear your cache, close the web browser, re-open and log in again.
  3. Take a look around.

Here’s an overview of how the platform works.

You can create your own schedule, connect and chat with other attendees, explore FSI Forum exhibitors and more! The platform will stay accessible through the end of November so you can watch session recordings when it’s convenient for you.

You can also download the "FSI Conferences" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to stay connected with FSI Forum content and attendees while on the go! (If you downloaded the app for OneVoice 2021, you will need to update the app in order to access the FSI Forum event content.)


This can be found by clicking "Agenda" on the FSI Forum virtual event platform and app.

Select a session to view the description and speakers. Make it part of your personalized schedule by clicking the green "Add to My Schedule" button.

When the session starts, it will play on the session page. During the session, you can chat, ask questions and participate in polls in the live discussion area of the session page.


You can connect with and message other FSI Forum attendees through the virtual event platform. Click “Attendees” to find people you’d like to connect with. Populating your profile with your photo, your company and contact information helps jump-start interactions and networking.

Click here to access the platform and start setting up your profile. Look for the “Edit” link at the top right of the box including your name.

Social Media

Let’s keep the conversation flowing. Add #FSIForum to your posts about the event, and be sure to follow FSI on these platforms so you can tag us in your posts.



We strive to offer a positive and safe environment for all event attendees. FSI’s Code of Conduct. outlines our requirements and expectations that help ensure a positive experience. By registering for and attending FSI Forum, you agree to follow FSI’s Code of Conduct.



If you have questions about FSI Forum or need assistance with the virtual event platform, please contact us at events@financialservices.org.


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