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Safety Protocol

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books team prioritizes the safety of all participants and attendees. We are monitoring for any protests or demonstrations that may be planned during the event, and we always expect there to be individuals or groups who may cause minor disruptions at certain times. We employ a public safety program that includes staff and resources from the LAPD, LAFD, USC Department of Public Safety, private security service and Emergency Medical Services. Officers and staff are on hand and in place throughout the festival.

Event Code of Conduct

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is committed to providing a welcoming, harassment-free event experience for everyone. Since 1996, the Los Angeles Times has proudly hosted the Festival of Books, one of the city’s largest and most inclusive events. Originally inspired by the idea of bringing the people who write books together with those who love to read them, the festival quickly became a venue for an open exchange of ideas. That often means taking on difficult topics and providing a space for civil discourse. We’re proud to continue that tradition, especially as there are movements to ban books and stifle free speech throughout the country. We look forward to bringing authors, artists, storytellers and experts together with the community in an inclusive and respectful environment.

We expect all participants, including speakers, performers, exhibitors, staff, volunteers and attendees, to maintain an atmosphere of respect and fairness throughout the festival venue. 

We endeavor to create an environment that fosters an open exchange of ideas. We welcome conversation that includes debate and disagreement. However, we cannot allow the loudest voices in the room to silence others or discussion to devolve into personal insults or abuse. 

Harassment will not be tolerated. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior may, at the discretion of the organizers, be expelled from the festival.