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Parking Information

TO PURCHASE ADDITIONAL PARKING PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK OR CUT AND PASTE INTO BROWSER:,map,location-list,purchase-confirmation&affiliate-code=pa-1200&destination-event-id=1400141*2C1400142*2C1400143&destination-location-id=&destination-venue-id=10487&events-starting-after=midnight&pricing-access-code-exclusive=true&pricing-access-codes=88a1a4ff&seller-id=6236&title-override-text=Book*20Parking*20for*20Festival*20of*20Books__;JSUlJSUlJQ!!LIr3w8kk_Xxm!vrgme5C19R6fsoahl21Cd-j7EI6UIF0_WMA_xG4ZAirztWkJp9doD_3BvfKQ24xfHi8OnFWNBKXMEVjMd3ZwTRkFns4-mptw$

Oversized Vehicle Parking Form- Email Request

Vehicles larger than 6’ 2” high, 8’ wide or 16’ long will need to park in the USC Oversized lot. Parking will be assigned based on request. If you would like to park an oversized vehicle on campus, please submit the Oversize Vehicle Parking Request Form and you will be sent a parking voucher for oversize vehicles. This parking voucher replaces the standard parking voucher. This lot has limited space so please make your request early.

Exhibitor Parking - 

You should have received emails from ParkWhiz no later than Friday April 12th. It is the  Parking System on the The Campus at USC that hosts our wonderful event. 

You can also visit the ParkWhiz website and purchase additional parking for your staff or for Friday load in. Festival staff cannot sell you additional parking as in years past. The link will be available in the coming weeks. 

Please remember that each 10x10 space that you purchased comes with one (1) parking pass for each day in the lot most convenient to your booth location on campus. 

10x10 - 1 pass for 4/20 and 1 pass for 4/21
10x20 - 2 passes for 4/20 and 2 pass for 4/21
10x30 - 3 passes for 4/20 and 3 pass for 4/21
20x20 - 4 passes for 4/20 and 4 pass for 4/21

The Festival does NOT cover any parking for Friday April 19th.
For more info on ParkWhiz please PARKWHIZ PDF

Download the ParkWhiz App here as you will need to the app to receive your parking