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Exhibit at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 13 and 14, 2019 and join hundreds of booksellers, publishers and literary organizations — from near and far. Attracting more than 150,000 book lovers, the Festival of Books is the single best place to sell your product to America’s largest book buying market.  So contact us today to book your space: 424.284.9162 or


The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will be April 13 and 14, 2019. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Scott Dallavo at with questions.



The LA Times Festival of Books is any book-lover's dream! As an author, sitting behind a table at any other book event is always awkward and tedious as you try to lure potential readers to come talk to you. At the LA Times Festival of Books, thereaders come running to you! (Sometimes literally!) It's a true bookworm haven! Readers revere bookmarks and postcards given to them, eagerly sign up for newsletters and giveaways, relish the books they pick up, and get really excited when theyrealize they're talking to the author. There's no book event equal to it. ~ Kirby Howell, indie YA authors


The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is my favorite event of the year for my business. Th event runs like a well oiled machine and there is significant effort made to support the exhibitors and ensure that the event is a success for us. The Festival itself is a beautiful thing to behold--an extraordinary community event celebrating books and reading.

Large enthusiastic crowds of book buyers. We were thrilled with the visibility and our location. Having all the exhibitors tools online as well as direct links for liability insurance and tax information made the process a snap to complete. Thank you for your support.


Festival of Book is an accessible and culturally-inclusive event. It is a celebration of books and culture that invites people to be engaged and to explore. We especially appreciate that children are encouraged to read and to discover the wonders of books and letting their imaginations soar.

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