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Call for Posters

The California Pharmacists Association INVITES YOU to share your research, expertise, and experience on topics relevant to pharmacy practice and pharmacy-focused scientific research with your peers. Your expertise could be showcased at our annual educational conference, EXCHANGE, held  April 12-14, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. CPhA’s conference will include an opportunity for original scholarly work on research and professional practice topics to be presented in a poster format. Poster presentations provide authors the opportunity to display and informally discuss their work with colleagues. Abstracts selected for poster presentations will be displayed during exhibit hours on Friday, April 12th and Saturday, April 13th.



The mission of CPhA’s educational programs is to provide resourceful, effective, and innovative educational activities that will advance the practice of pharmacy in all practice settings and enhance patient care. The CPhA Poster Presentations Program seeks to challenge practitioners, researchers, and students by providing a forum to educate colleagues by sharing information and disseminating research findings.


Submissions are due to CPhA no later than January 11, 2019.

Notification of accepted proposals will occur on or before January 25, 2019. If CPhA accepts a poster presentation, it is understood that the person indicated on the online submission process will attend the poster session to present their work.



All poster abstracts are subjected to peer-review. The review panel will determine the quality of submission and will evaluate the abstract based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of the research presented
  • Quality of research methodology
  • Clarity and completeness of the explanation of the research objectives
  • Appropriateness of data collection and analysis
  • Thorough reporting of data and results obtained
  • Consistency of conclusion and objectives
  • Significance and relevance to pharmacy practice


An abstract is a summary of the completed poster that offers a conclusion on the basis of results.

  1. Abstracts are limited to 500 words in length and should include all of the following sections:
    1. Objective
    2. Methods (i.e. design, setting, patients/ participants, data collection, analysis plan or other appropriate qualitative methods)
    3. Results
    4. Conclusions (when applicable)
  2. The abstract title should be typed in all caps.
  3. DO NOT include any identifying information such as authors’ names and/or affiliations in the abstract. This information will be obtained during the online abstract submission process.
  4. The body of the abstract should begin with the study’s objective.
  5. The abstract should be clear, concise, and free of graphs, tables, and illustrations.
  6. The abstract must be free of grammatical and typographical errors.

Thank you for taking the time to submit a CE presentation proposal.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your poster presentation.

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