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Tech Talks

Keep Pressing for Progress...

It's our time to lead a generation of women to own the importance and the necessity of their contributions to the collective success of our families, our communities, our workplaces, our nation, and the global community in which we live.

The Tech Talks presented at WOC draw attention to the varied experiences of women at key points in their STEM career journey. It unveils the contrast between their universal experiences, and the uniqueness of each career trajectory. The Women of Color Tech Talks serve to inform women of their options, and to remind them that they matter, that staying the course matters in measurable ways to our collective success.

Tech Talks Venue

Women Empowered to Engage
Thursday, October 3 at 7:00 PM

Who are Women Empowered to Engage?

Women who own their professional development and are clear about their value. They will share the career challenges and successes that bring them to the 2019 Women of Color STEM Conference, and “pay it forward” by empowering the audience to take bold steps.

Why you should attend

Women Empowered to Engage connects “STEMtastic” professionals with talented women. These tech experts will lead participants in an engaging discussion on proven techniques and skills that keep you relevant, prevent inertia, and provide strategies for success. Our trusted community of leaders will offer perspectives from early- to mid-career professionals, and executives who press for progress.

The Women Empowered to Engage event is centered on involving more women in innovation and will provide perspectives on breakthrough solutions. Participants will learn how to take advantage of skill sets, embrace a new approach to identifying career opportunities, and flourish with future-oriented, global thinking goals. The conversations with our panel will focus on methodologies used to reach goals and inspire STEM professionals as well as aspiring students.

Why you should participate

The WOC community empowers everyone to share their experiences in the workplace and to give women the tools to excel. The annual WOC STEM Conference is dedicated to ensuring participants are exposed to industry insights and perspectives, have an opportunity to learn, and develop new skills. Women Empowered to Engage 2019 will provide presenters with the opportunity to connect with professionals with mutual interests. Presenters will share their personal journey of creating a path toward fulfillment through various career stages with lasting messages of empowerment.

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