The Women of Color conference offers innovative and professional workshops,
top-notch programming and award ceremonies designed to engage, stimulate and educate all participants.

Learning Tracks

Women of Color Leadership Track

Studies show that women make up 49 percent of the workforce, but only 4.7 percent of executive or senior level managers are women. A woman’s leadership opportunities should be determined by her individual strengths and personality traits. If you are working on climbing the corporate ladder, the WOC Leadership Track will prepare and immerse you in the skills demonstrated by Fortune 500 leaders. This track is designed for rising leaders who want to develop themselves and their organizations while addressing cultural complexity and strategic decision making.

The Women of Color Leadership Track will focus on helping women:
1. Strengthen and enhance leadership skills that inspire influence, diagnose situations, and master negotiation techniques.
2. Understand the woman’s business perspective to solve personal, organizational, and global problems.
3. Acquire tools that promote work-life balance for greater rewards and personal work satisfaction.
4. Determine tactics for building an effective, empathetic professional network.
5. Develop problem-solving skills for immediate execution.

This leadership-based seminar track focuses on those specific skills and traits that will assist women in succeeding while providing the knowledge and support to add value as corporate trailblazers.

Who Should Attend?
Women professionals at all stages of their career, especially those ready to take on the challenge of a new leadership position.

Diversity in the Workforce Track

Organizations with a diverse workforce are seen as more desirable environments that outperform their competitors. Diversity workforce training exemplifies a company’s opportunity to increase employee cultural awareness, knowledge, and interaction in the organization. Diversity knowledge benefits many organizations by increasing inclusion, averting violations, and stimulating collaborative teamwork. Studies show that inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to increase innovation in their workforce.

This track will engage participants to make their organization a more supportive workplace by understanding perception and psychological processes that impact the ways employees interact with others.

The Diversity in the Workforce Track will focus on helping attendees:
1. Identify unconscious biases in themselves and others in the workforce.
2. Understand how social identity shapes the way employees experience the world in which they live and work.
3. Determine methods for inclusive, effective communication across various cultures.
4. Examine personal, historical, and contemporary exclusion effects on teamwork and productivity.
5. Facilitate structural change in order to generate a supportive and inclusive environment.

Who Should Attend?
Women professionals who are invested in building an inclusive company culture.

Emerging Technology Track

Technology is developing faster than ever, and 2019 is no different. From advancements in artificial intelligence to cyber security, technology is working to form the business backbone for tomorrow’s innovation. The U.S. has the largest tech market in the world, which represents 30 percent of global industry revenues. The Emerging Technology Track will address specific technological needs and explore unique trends among STEM professionals that can make your job more efficient and effective. This will involve identifying high-potential, technology-intensive business opportunities that have been created by new and emerging technology. Furthermore, attendees will explore ways to increase their value by understanding the most promising trends that may spotlight new strategic innovative avenues of success.

The 2019 Emerging Technology Track will focus on helping attendees:
1. Gain a greater understanding of the current technological landscape.
2. Examine the fundamentals of how technology affects the economic arena.
3. Discuss the impact of disruptive technologies and identify major areas for organizational change.
4. Attain a vision for where technology is headed and evaluate the valuable marketing opportunities for product development.
5. Understand emerging technology’s potential impact on business, social, and everyday life.

This track will help both seasoned and new professionals increase strategic thinking by understanding the diverse landscape of the most critical technology advancements and business topics.

Who Should Attend?
Women professionals who are invested in developing and mastering technological advancements for business opportunities.

Personal Development – Work/Life Integration Track

In today’s world, the boundaries between a woman’s personal and professional life are often blurred. Studies find that women view work more holistically as a component of their overall life, and the word “integrate” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole.” The 2019 Work/Life Integration Track will help women to discover the importance of creating inclusive, flexible, and productive work environments that will empower them to success. Conference attendees will contribute to discussions on the latest advancements in healthcare technology, time management, and working less to produce more.

The 2019 Work/Life Integration Track will focus on helping attendees:
1. Understand the concept of becoming self-aware of your personal and professional needs.
2. Create a flexible work environment that supports employees at all stages of their lives.
3. Identify the barriers to work-life effectiveness and create solutions.
4. Examine the tools needed to have a healthy work culture that supports healthy habits, time off, and mindfulness.
5. Classify and deliver the expectations for today’s workforce that assist employees in becoming productive employees.

This track will help women to focus on the important things in life, set achievable goals, and communicate better with their co-workers and family.

Who Should Attend?
Women professionals who are invested in developing skills that help them better manage work-life priorities.

Pre-Professional Track

Academic Enhancement Track

The Academic Enhancement Track will provide you with the training and skillset you need to succeed in both your collegiate learning and personal life. These seminars will increase professional, personal, and leadership skills that build careers and develop corporate readiness. Attendees will explore the interview process, time management, study skills, and the process of constructing winning resumes. All courses in this track are presented with practical, real-world examples and role modeling to enhance the learning experience.

DIEL Networking Track

Getting the right job at the start of one’s career sometimes depends more on who you know than what you know. The seminars and workshops offered in this group offer students the opportunity to learn alongside professionals. This track is highly recommended for students who have already completed the soft-skills training, and for students who are interviewing for their first job. Students should expect to take away valuable lessons that will lay the foundation for a successful transition into the workplace.

CCG Job-Readiness Certification Track

JobMatch is designed with the success of students in mind. We work to help students develop the skills they need to find jobs and internship opportunities. Students in this learning track participate in a 20-hour (online and at one of our conferences) training program that leads to soft-skills certification recognized by our recruiters as an added level of job-preparedness. We go a step farther for the student who complete this program by actively working to place them with the companies that recruit at our events. This program begins on Thursday.

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