The Women of Color conference is an excellent platform to network, build your job skill set or help you prepare for the next level in your career.


Award Winners

When will the WOC Awards recipients be announced?
The schedule for notifying award winners can be found on the official nomination website.

Is there a write-up on my WOC Award that I can add to our company newsletter?
Contact Lango Deen for a copy of the official WOC STEM Conference press release.

I'm trying to learn more about a particular WOC Award. Where can I go to find this information?
All WOC Awards information is available on the official nomination website.

Is there a rehearsal for WOC Award recipients?
There is no formal rehearsal. However, there is a Teleprompter Ready Room in which the WOC Awards Gala scriptwriter will be available to do run-throughs that will help participants get acclimated to the teleprompter. The scriptwriter will send the Teleprompter Ready Room assignments and hours of operation to you.

Due to an illness, I will be unable to attend the WOC Awards Gala. When and where can I pick up my award?
Career Communications Group will send your Award to you only when we assess an award recipient's inability to attend the event to be unplanned and unavoidable. Please send mailing information to

Are winners' travel arrangements covered by Career Communications Group?
Career Communications Group does not cover travel costs to the WOC STEM Conference for award recipients.

Can you tell me the difference between a Peer-reviewed (PR) award recipient and an Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) recipient?
A Peer-reviewed award recipient's nomination application is subjected to review and ranking by a panel of judges. Outstanding Achievement Awards are recommendations from your employer that you receive recognition for outstanding achievement within your workplace.

I am an award recipient. How do I register for the WOC STEM Conference?
If you are an award recipient, you will receive an e-mail containing a specific link to register at the correct discounted price. Please contact us at if you have not received the e-mail by July 1, 2019.

I am an award recipient and I'd like to bring my family to the WOC Awards Gala. What does it cost?
All WOC Award recipients receive a 25% discount on all event tickets and/or full registrations. Fees can be found on the WOC STEM Conference website.

Do WOC Award recipients need to purchase tickets for guests? If so, how?
Award recipients may purchase additional tickets or full conference registrations for their guests. If the guests are only attending a ticketed event, the award recipient will have a chance to purchase the extra tickets during their registration process. If the guests are attending the full conference, they will need to register under the Attendee registration portal. Guests of award recipients are eligible to receive a 25% discount when the discount code is used.

When should I expect to hear from the Career Communications Group speechwriter regarding my acceptance remarks?
The Career Communications Group speechwriter will begin contacting honorees as soon as you submit your first draft.

What does the $600 Technology All-Star and Rising Star registration package include?
The $600 All-Star and Rising Star package is a full WOC registration package and includes all seminars and workshops, the Alumnae Welcome Reception, Professional Development Meet & Greet, Technology Recognition Luncheon, Breakfast with Leaders and Legends, WOC Awards Gala and Dinner and the WOC Closing Reception.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

I haven't received information to register my staff attending the conference. What should I do?
Please contact your account manager to discuss the registration process for your organization.

When should I expect my exhibitor kit and booth assignments?
The exhibitor kit will be available in your registration portal. Your organization will receive access credentials to the portal once your participation has been finalized.

What is the attire for the job fair, specifically for those manning our booth?
Career Communications Group recommends business attire for the WOC STEM Career Fair. This includes garments with your company logo.

Who do I contact if I want to display a motorized vehicle?
Please contact your account manager to review our vehicle placement policy.

Is there a specific hotel address to ship client giveaways?
No, please contact Leslie Mitchell for additional information.

Who should I contact regarding booth related issues prior to the conference?
Please contact Leslie Mitchell.

Is there a map of the Career Fair floor plan?
A WOC STEM Conference Career Fair floor plan will be published in the official Conference Guide, available at the conference.


I will not be attending the WOC STEM Conference. Can I give my ticket to somebody else?
Yes, another person may use your WOC ticket. Please send the name of the person, the name of their organization, and their email address to to request a transfer prior to the conference.

Can I get tickets for my children?
You will need to purchase tickets for children attending meal functions.

I will be attending the WOC Alumnae Reception. Do I need a ticket for this event?
Yes, the Alumnae Welcome Reception is included in a full WOC Registration package. The full WOC Conference registration includes all seminars and workshops, the Alumnae Welcome Reception, Professional Development Meet & Greet, Technology Recognition Luncheon, Breakfast with Leaders and Legends, WOC Awards Gala, and the WOC Closing Reception.

How can I become involved as a speaker or panel participant during future WOC Conferences?
Career Communications Group encourages and welcomes qualified subject matter experts to participate as speakers or panelists. Please send your request to for more information.

Does WOC have programming for children?
Each year, WOC holds a pre-college program. This year's program will be held on Friday, October 4, 2019 at the Cobo Center. Space is limited. Please contact Ana Bertrand to get more information about the program.

What is the dress code for the WOC STEM Conference?
All events require business attire except for the WOC Awards Gala, which is black-tie optional. Clothing has to be formal.


Will the people attending the Technology Recognition Luncheon and WOC Awards Gala receive name badges with their tickets?
Name badges are issued to all WOC Conference attendees. Tickets are issued for all events (except the seminars and workshops) and they are included in all registration packages or they can be purchased separately.

What if my organization is providing me with a complimentary registration?
You will receive a special promotional code from your employer to register for a complimentary registration package.

What if I register on my own and then my employer gives me a complimentary registration?
Simply cancel your registration. The refund and cancellation policies do not apply in this case.

What happens to my seat if my employer upgrades my seat to a table they purchase?
Your employer may, at their discretion, upgrade your seating to a corporate-sponsored table. When this occurs, your original seat is released back into the general pool of seats. No refund is given in this situation.

Which events can I attend?
A full WOC Awards Conference registration includes the Alumnae Welcome Reception, all seminars and workshops, Professional Development Meet & Greet, Technology Recognition Luncheon, Breakfast with Leaders and Legends, WOC Awards Gala and Dinner, and the WOC Closing Reception. Alternative packages are available here.

When is the deadline for registering for the WOC Awards Gala?
We recommend that you register on or before September 22, 2019. The full registration fees increase after September 22, 2019.

What is your registration cancellation policy?
All cancellations and refund requests must be received in writing by September 22, 2019. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations made after this date regardless of the registration date; this includes no-shows. Refunds will be issued within 48 hours of notification, and a $100 processing fee will be deducted. Substitutions from the same company will be accepted in writing without penalty. Simply send your request to before the refund deadline.

I didn't add all of my sessions when I initially registered. How do I go back and add other sessions?
Your registration confirmation letter contains a link and login username and password to your Attendee Service Center. Login and follow the instructions to modify your registration.


Can you recommend any sites and tourist attractions around Detroit?
Please visit the official visitor information for Detroit website.

Can you tell me when and where future conferences will be held?
The 34th BEYA STEM Conference will be held on February 13-15, 2020 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC.


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