Women of Color STEM Conference

Since 1995, Women of Color magazine´s annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Conference has been the premier forum of choice for recognizing the significant contributions by women in STEM fields.

CCG JobMatch Program 

This is a comprehensive training and placement solution for STEM students. When you attend any of our conferences, you may participate in an intensive two-day training program, which certifies your readiness for the workplace. We continue to support your placement needs with the following: 

• Matching your credentials with employers 

• Arranging interviews at our conferences or at an employer’s facility 

• Advocating on your behalf to secure a placement

CCG JobMatch Job Readiness Certification 

This program offers extensive soft skills training that leads to full certification. When you complete this program, we arrange interviews at either of our conferences for you. Additionally, we work with you and potential employers to advocate on your behalf.

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DIEL JobMatch Schedule
(Recommended for: Freshmen, Sophomores ); For Students staying in hotel only.

Thursday, October 11
Friday, October 12
Saturday, October 13

- Arrival 

- Hotel Check-in 

- Opening Reception 

- General Session

- Breakfast Orientation 

- Jobs Certification Session with Lunch 

- Jobs Certification Session

- Networking Receptions

- Interviewing Skills Session

- Jobs Readiness Certification Session with Breakfast

- Career Fair/Lunch Break 

- Jobs Certification Session

- WOC Awards Gala & Dinner



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