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Workshop Categories

New! Premium Professional Learning Track

Career Lab

The Career Lab is an innovative professional and leadership development track for highly motivated new and mid-level professional women. The Lab is designed to cultivate leadership skills that support corporate innovation. Women leaders, at critical milestones in their careers, will gain practice skills, explore strategies, and customize techniques to drive mission driven outcomes within organizations. The lab will create opportunities to understand personal habits, collaborate with peers, and apply knowledge through real world business challenges.

This experiential lab offers an effective mix of workshops totaling 9.5 hours over two days. They cover foundational leadership competencies. Emerging leaders and professionals will benefit from increased emotional intelligence, sharpened business etiquette, goal-driven interpersonal skills, and improved project management skills.

Leadership and Diversity Management

This workshop series promises to cultivate and enhance core leadership and diversity management skills. The sessions in this group support employees who are looking to increase management and leadership capacity, develop more effective approaches to motivate the modern workforce, and create industry-specific interventions that are common to people and team challenges. Emerging and experienced leaders will benefit from exposure to a wide range of leadership and management styles and strategies for unlocking innovation and inspiring commitment to the organization’s vision.

Personal and Professional Development

This enriching track focuses on an individual’s personal and professional enhancement needs and skills. Attendees increase their effectiveness in managing and addressing customer needs, in organizing and interpreting complex business data, in improving analytical and problem-solving capabilities, and in tuning in to key organizational priorities. Attendees are also supported in developing their own personal brand and in acquiring skills to boost productivity and professional effectiveness.

Pre-Professional Seminars

This track is designed for college-level and new professionals, with seminars aimed at increasing professional, personal, and leadership skills. Topics aid in career development and corporate readiness, with attendees exploring presentation techniques, business etiquette, image building, networking, organizational politics, and team dynamics.

DIEL Networking Track

Getting the right job at the start of one’s career sometimes depends more on who you know than what you know. The seminars and workshops offered in this group offer students the opportunity to learn alongside professionals. This track is highly recommended for students who have already completed the soft-skills training, and for students who are interviewing for their first job. Students should expect to take away valuable lessons that will lay the foundation for a successful transition into the workplace.

DIEL Academic Track

Students can quickly become overwhelmed by having too much to do in college. The DIEL Academic Track will provide students with the training and skillset to succeed in both their collegiate learning and personal lives. This track is designed to introduce tools, methods, and best practices to help students organize and manage their academic experience to produce optimum results. Attendees will explore techniques that deconstruct and simplifies processes to handle time management, studying effectively, taking tests, constructing resumes, and preparing for interviews. All courses in this track are presented with practical, real world examples, and role modeling to enhance the learning experience.

CCG Job-Readiness Certification Track

JobMatch is designed with the success of students in mind. We work to help students develop the skills they need to find jobs and internship opportunities. Students in this learning track participate in a 20-hour (online and at one of our conferences) training program that leads to soft-skills certification recognized by our recruiters as an added level of job-preparedness. We go a step farther for the student who complete this program by actively working to place them with the companies that recruit at our events. This program begins on Thursday.

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