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Award Recipients
Is there a write-up on my WOC Award that I can add to our company newsletter?
I’m trying to learn more about a particular WOC Award. Where can I go to find this information?
Due to an illness, I will be unable to attend the WOC Awards Gala. When and where can I pick up my award?
Can you tell me the difference between a Peer-reviewed (PR) award recipient and an Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) recipient?
I am an award recipient and I’d like to bring my family to the WOC Gala. What does it cost?
Do WOC Award winners need to purchase tickets for guests, and if so, how to they do so?
I will not be attending the WOC Conference. Can I give my tickets to somebody else?
Can I get tickets for my children?
I will be attending the WOC Alumnae Reception. Do I need a ticket to this event?
How can I become involved as a speaker or panel participant during future WOC Conferences?
Does the WOC have programming for children?
What is the dress code for the WOC STEM Conference?
Can you tell me when and where future conferences will be held?
What are the hotel rates for the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center?
Can you recommend any sites and tourist attractions around Detroit?
Will the people attending the Technology Recognition Luncheon and WOC Awards Gala receive name badges with their tickets?
Where are my guest and I seated?
How can I make sure that my guests are seated with me?
What if my organization is providing me with a complimentary registration?
What happens to my seat if my employer upgrades my seat to a table they purchase?
Where do I place the Discount Code that my employer gave me? And, how is the Discount Code different form a Comp Pass Code?
My organization requires that I pay my registration fee by check, how do I do that?
Which events can I attend?
When is the deadline for registering for the WOC Gala?
What is your registration cancelation policy?
How do I cancel my registration?
I didn’t add all of my sessions when I initially registered. How do I go back and add other sessions?

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