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Mobile App

The 2022 BEYA Mobile App is Now Available!

Our mobile app provides easy-to-use interactive capabilities to enhance your conference experience. We’ve put the following features in your palm to help:

  • Organize exhibitors, speakers, sessions, and event information.
  • Create a personal schedule.
  • Connect with other attendees.
  • Receive BEYA event update alerts.
  • Email speakers and exhibitors.
  • Locate and bookmark exhibitors to visit on the floor plan map.
  • And much more...

 BEYA App Screenshots
Intro Screen Home Screen Conference Details Conference Schedule Conference Speakers

How to Download the Mobile App

For Apple and Android devices, visit the App Store or Google Play on your device and search for “Career Communications Group” or use the links below.

App Store
Google Play

For all other phone types (including web browser-enabled phones), point your mobile browser to https://m4.goeshow.com/ccgroup/beyastem/2022, which provides access to the web version of the 2022 BEYA mobile app. Bookmark this page for future reference.

Visit the MY PLANNER section in the app and log in for full access to all of the features available.