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Welcome to the 2022 BEYA STEM Conference Digital Twin Experience (DTX)!

The one reality of the pre-COVID-19 pandemic had always been that every person interested in attending BEYA faced limitations of time, location, and for the conference planners, space. The BEYA DTX experience borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivers an event that meets the demands for digital and in-person interactions amongst attendees. Conference attendees will experience most of the conference together whether they attend in-person or online. The Conference Guide will layout the roadmap for both audiences. What follows is for the attendees who are participating in-person.

COVID-19 Policy

The in-person component of BEYA36 will comply with the Washington, DC COVID-19 Health Guidance for Masks and Cloth Face Covering Guidance for the General Public and the VaxDC: Vaccination Entry Requirement for Certain Businesses. (As of 7:00 a.m. February 14, 2022)

The current VaxDC policy requires us to check your vaccination credentials and verify your vaccination status against your government issued Identification card. Upon meeting the vaccination requirements, we will attach a sticker to your name badge to facilitate entry into the events where the vaccination policy applies.


Thursday, February 17, 2022
All Day: Business

Friday, February 18, 2022
All Day: Business

Saturday, February 19, 2022
Day: Business

Gala: Black Tie


The conference badge helps us to recognize other conference attendees and to facilitate networking. If you registered before January 21, you will receive personalized conference badge. Subsequent registrants will receive a generic badge. All badges will be available for pickup at the Omni Shoreham Hotel BEYA Registration desk.

Registration Location: Omni Shoreham Hotel Lobby
Registration Hours:
Thursday, February 17 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM EDT
Friday, February 18 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM EDT
Saturday, February 19 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM EDT

The DTX Experience

Several event spaces are outfitted with equipment to bring together the digital and the in-person audiences. Four seminar rooms are outfitted with the technology that integrates the physical and in-person audiences. These rooms offer complimentary internet, power supply, and classroom style seating, which will allow you fully participate in the conference. Simply bring your laptop, mobile device, and earbuds!

All seminars will be available live on platform and can be accessed anywhere in the Omni where there is internet connection. Events with the designation (DTX) on the official schedule of events are available at the Omni Hotel and on one of the BEYA platforms. Events without the DTX designation are only available online. The digital experience is organized on two platforms:

BEYA World I

BEYA World I is the central hub. You can access recognition events, networking, seminars, training workshops, the HBCU Village, Tribute Hall, and the STEMulating Lounge, which offers nightly entertainment. Attendees can register to access BEYA World I via a one-day pass or an all-access pass. These passes will also allow you to move between the BEYA Worlds.

BEYA Central offers drop-in access (no registration required) to the HBCU Village, BEYA Hall of Fame, and the Information Center.


BEYA World II is the center for STEM recruitment and pipeline development. BEYA World II gives you access to recruiters and activities associated with K-12 pipeline development. BEYA World II hosts the Exhibit Hall, Interview Village, and the K-12 STEM Village. Each village has its lobby, which offers access to activities and the Exhibit Hall. BEYA World II is open to the BEYA Community and their families at no cost, however, registration is required.

Technology Requirements

The BEYA World I platform is a customized product built by CCG with advanced features to support our awards programs and education sessions. The BEYA World II platform provider is vFairs, a leading virtual events platform. Our BEYA worlds support Zoom and other Zoom-like tools for webinars and other video-conferencing activities.

We highly recommend using the tools we provide, which keep attendees on-platform, and more importantly, track your performance data. Platforms require updated browsers and reliable internet access for the best experience. Known Firefox audio or video issues can be resolved by adjusting your AutoPlay settings as described in this Firefox Article.

Recognition Events

The recognition events are all live broadcasts, which will allow online attendees to share the experience in real time. In this configuration, there will be no food service during these events. Additionally, assigned seating is not offered, except for the peer-reviewed award recipients in the awards program where they will receive their awards.

Career Fair

The BEYA Career Fair takes place on Friday and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. It takes place exclusively online. Registration is required, however there is no cost to attend.

Conference App

The conference app is an important tool to help you navigate the conference whether you are attending in person or online. It allows you to build your schedule, rate sessions, communicate with exhibitors, speakers, and other attendees. It is also a great tool to keep important notes as you interact with conference content and participants. The app is available in the App Store and in Google Play. Simply search for “Career Communications Group”. Your registration email address and your Attendee Service Center password will allow you to sign into the app planner to access the features.

Conference Security

If you have security questions or your security needs information, please contact CCG Security: securityteam@ccgmag.com or contact either Kedrick Scribner at 410-491-0723.

Download the Conference Guide for more information!