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Know B4 You Go!


Get in the know before you go. The BEYA STEM Conference community is rich with information that you can access yearlong. We've compiled a couple of important links that will help you get the most out of the conference before, during, and after. The most important thing to do before you go is to DOWNLOAD THE CONFERENCE APP!


Job Readiness Certification Program

A resource for college students and young professionals that helps to match you with the right employer. Our year round recruiters coupled with the organizations that support our conferences and other programs we offer, makes this a sure bet, as a tool to augment your career progression.


CCG eLearning


Jobs Resources Center


Share Your Resume

You may not be ready for a change yet, or you may be curious about other opportunities. Take advantage of this self-service portal. Adding your resume simply improves your odds at landing your dream job.


CCG JobsHub


Things to Watch for During the Conference

BEYA Conference App Push Notifications to help you stay in the know about key events.

BEYA TV. The channel will be announced at the recognition events. It's also a good "ice breaker" to meet your fellow attendees!

Opportunities to connect with speakers in the Conference App


BEYA 365 Digital Learning Resources (DLR)

You care about your professional development and so do we. BEYA 365 DLR offers you nonstop career development resources 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

  1. Get exclusive access to WOC Conference audios and PowerPoints at SlideShare
  2. Listen to seminars featuring leading experts and award-winning professionals on BEYA Radio
  3. Read the latest news at blackengineer.com
  4. Earn BEYA 365 DLR certificates and enhance your professional credentials for career advancement


Keep the Conversations Going---


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