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Career Communications Group does not cover travel costs to the BEYA STEM Conference for BEYA recipients.

You will receive a special code called a promotional code from your employer to register for a complimentary Full Registration package. Your employer will have their tables pre-assigned and will select your seat.

Award Recipients

Contact Lango Deen, ldeen@ccgmag.com, for a copy of the official BEYA STEM Conference press release.

There is no formal rehearsal. However, there is a Teleprompter Ready Room in which the BEYA Awards Gala Scriptwriter will be available to do run-throughs that will help participants get acclimated to the Teleprompter. The scriptwriter will send the Teleprompter Ready Room assignments and hours of operation to you.

Career Communications Group (CCG) will send your Award to you only when we assess an award recipient’s inability to attend the event to be unplanned and unavoidable. Please send mailing information to registrar@ccgmag.com

A Peer-reviewed award recipient’s nomination application is subjected to review and ranking by a panel of judges. Outstanding Achievement Awards are recommendations from your employer that you receive recognition for outstanding achievement within your workplace.

All awards recipients will receive a specific link to register for the conference. Please refer to an email sent to you from registrar@ccgmag.com. If you did not receive this email, please reach out to us at registrar@ccgmag.com as soon as possible.

Please visit the Award Recipients' Information page for details regarding the amenities available to you.

The CCG speechwriter will begin contacting honorees as soon as you submit your first draft.

BEYA recipients receive a 25% discount on all event tickets and/or full registrations. Please refer to the email you received from registrar@ccgmag.com. Additional tickets are able to be purchased while available. Please purchase your guest tickets early before the events are sold out. If you did not receive your email with registration instructions, please request it from us immediately by emailing registrar@ccgmag.com.

Award recipients may purchase additional tickets or full conference registrations for their guests. Guests of award recipients are eligible to receive a 25% discount when the discount code is used.


Yes, another person may use your BEYA ticket. Please send the name of the person, the name of their organization, and their email address to registrar@ccgmag.com to request a name change before the conference.

You will need to purchase tickets for children attending the meal functions. There are no discounts for tickets purchased for children.


All conference attendees who are purchasing their registrations will have the opportunity to select their seats during the registration process. Register early to ensure that you and your guests are seated together.

If your registration is being sponsored by your organization, you will not choose your seats to the events. They will be assigned by the sponsor.

We recommend that you register yourself and your guest at the same time. If that is not possible, you can select a table with sufficient room for you and your guest, then ask your guests to register immediately.  Register early as this offers greater likelihood that you group will be able to sit at the same table.  We reserve seats for award recipients (and one guest) receiving their award at the Saturday Gala.

If your registration is sponsored by your organization, you will not be able to sit with your guest unless your organization is also sponsoring your guest.

Simply cancel your registration. The refund and cancellation policies do not apply in this case.

Your employer may, at their discretion upgrade your seating to a corporate sponsored table. When this occurs, your original seat is released back into the general pool of seats. No refund is given in this situation.

A discount code is a negotiated rate for full registrations that your employer secured for additional attendees from your organization.  It is entered at the end of the registration process just before the payment information is requested.

Your employer uses a promotional code to distribute their complimentary full registrations included in their participation package.  The promotional code is entered at the beginning of the registration process. Unlike the discount code, the promotional code is attached to specific seats assigned to your employer. When you use a discount code, you select your seats from the general population of available seats.

A full conference registration includes all seminars and workshops, the Alumni Welcome Reception and the BEYA Speed Networking Reception. You can purchase seats at the STEM Innovations Awards Dinner, the Technology Recognition Lunch, the HBCU Engineering Deans’ Breakfast, and the BEYA Gala, which includes the BEYA Closing Reception.

A full conference registration does not include a ticket to the Stars & Stripes Dinner. If you are intending to attend this event, you will need to purchase a ticket in addition to your full conference registration.

You can find the link and login information to your personal registration portal in your registration confirmation letter. Login to your registration portal and cancel your registration.

Your registration confirmation letter contains a link and login username and password to your registration portal.  Login and follow the instructions to modify you registration.


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