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Workshop Categories

Leadership and Diversity Management

This informative workshop series is designed to cultivate and enhance core leadership and diversity management skills. Sessions support employees looking to increase management and leadership capacity, develop more effective approaches to motivate the modern workforce, and create industry-specific interventions to common people and team challenges. Emerging and experienced leaders will benefit from exposure to a wide range of leadership and management styles and strategies for unlocking innovation and inspiring commitment to the organization’s vision.

Personal and Professional Development

This enriching track focuses on an individual’s personal and professional enhancement needs and skills. Attendees increase their effectiveness in managing and addressing customer needs, in organizing and interpreting complex business data, in improving analytical and problem-solving capabilities, and in tuning in to key organizational priorities. Employees are also supported in developing their own personal brand and in acquiring certifications and skills to boost productivity and professional effectiveness.


Our popular technical workshops address technical leadership needs while exploring unique trends in STEM professions. This track helps both new and seasoned professionals who are looking to improve their strategic thinking skills by understanding the diverse landscape of critical technology and business topics.

Pre-Professional Seminars

This track is designed for college-level and new professionals, with seminars aimed at increasing professional, personal, and leadership skills. Topics aid in career development and corporate readiness, with attendees exploring presentation techniques, business etiquette, image building, networking, organizational politics, and team dynamics.

Job Readiness Certification

The CCG JobMatch Program is a 20-hour soft-skills training program providing certification to demonstrate that you have the skills employers need to insure a successful transition to the workplace. Coursework covers topics that include interpersonal skills, teamwork and team building, handling multi-generational challenges, and business etiquette. This program can be completed through a combination of course participation either online or at our conferences. Visit the website for more information. You must arrive on Thursday evening to participate in the CCG Job Readiness Certification Program.

Government and Military Leadership

Easily the most-anticipated diversity event of the year, BEYA STEM Conference is a talent-rich environment for recruitment, networking and professional development. In attendance are college representatives and thousands of elite professionals and students from across the country who represent the upper echelon of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and careers. The fields of expertise represented at this conference are as diverse as the men and women who attend.

The Government Track is devoted to promoting and supporting our men and women in and out of uniform. It features seminars and a career fair that helps veterans transition into education, jobs and business. These Seminar Sessions are aimed at helping junior, mid-level, and senior leaders in government and defense.

Counter Terrorism, Federal Safety and Security

The Counter Terrorism, Federal Safety and Security Track’s mission is to educate professionals on the many threats faced by our government agencies daily. Professionals will get an understanding of the dedication and skills used by more than 240,000 employees in jobs that range from border security to cybersecurity analysts. This daily goal is clear -  to keep America safe. 

Department works with industry and state, local governments to focus on missions such as preventing terrorism, enhancing security, managing our borders, securing cyberspace, ensuring disaster resilience and securing critical infrastructure and information systems.


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