Main Stage Events

Main Stage Events

General Session - Imagine. Innovate. Inspire.

General Session

What inspires you? At Campus Management, we are inspired every day by you and your students. We imagine a world where new opportunities emerge to transform communities, nations, and lives, where innovation leads to new and better ways to unlock those opportunities, and where we become inspired anew.

Join Campus Management and your colleagues from around the world at CampusInsight 2019. Imagine, innovate, and inspire the next generation of solutions for higher education.

Wednesday, March 27 | 1:00 pm | Gatlin B Ballroom

Keynote Presentation - Meaning + Mastery

Phil Nosworthy

Join Phill Nosworthy, founder of Switch Inc., as he shares his unique and refreshing insights: Accelerating Your Career and Making Work Count (Especially in Times of Massive Change and Uncertainty).

Professionals in Higher Ed can take greater control of their own careers and accelerate their impact, make their time count and most of all, fulfill the mission of their institutions - to educate and inspire students. Phill will unpack insights developed from accelerating the careers of the world’s best talent, and how leaders, organizations and institutions must lean into uncertainty and leverage fear as a driver of massive action, rather than an inhibitor to success.

Thursday, March 28 | 8:30 am | Gatlin B Ballroom

Key Takeaways:

  • How to automate progress and perpetual growth with powerful rules, rituals and routines of your own design
  • Why defining success for yourself unlocks a depth of meaning (even in the most mundane tasks) that will transform your relationship with work
  • How to master your attention, energy and time, so that you get more of the most important things done every day
  • Why ‘Personal Branding 1.0’ is dead and how you need to rethink your approach to talent and what makes you valuable at work

Phill combines best practice research with wisdom gleaned from myth, wisdom literature and philosophy. Phill’s forthcoming book, The Meaning Makers, Insights for Living, Branding and Avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse is an in-depth exploration of the modern pursuit of meaning, and how leaders and organizations must evolve to support and enable people’s quests for fulfilling and satisfying lives. Visit

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