Breakout Session Topics

Breakout Sessions

There is something for everyone at CI2019!

Whether you are interested in recruiting, admissions, academics, financial aid, financial management, systems administration, or IT, you will find focused tracks with outstanding practical value for the way you work in the real world.

While our full schedule will be released closer to the conference, you can view topics that will be discussed in each of our ten tracks below. Breakout sessions will begin on Wednesday, March 27 at 3:00 pm after our General Session and will conclude at 12:00 pm on Friday, March 29.

Real-World Customer Success Stories

  • Dive Deeper! How a Clock-Hour School is Learning Essential Tips & Tricks to Maximize Student Success - Presented by Divers Institute of Technology
  • How the Strategic Consulting Team Can Help You Optimize Your Investment
  • Improving Retention Using Staff Permissions, Activity Policies, and Early Alerts in CampusNexus Student - Presented by Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
  • Leveraging Occupation Insight for Recruitment and Retention - Presented by Lancaster Bible College
  • Managing Customer Expectations: CampusNexus Suite - Presented by Denver Seminary
  • Organizational Readiness and Lessons Learned - Presented by California Western School of Law
  • Securing CampusNexus Student and CRM Data: Methodology and Tips - Presented by Denver Seminary

Technology, Innovation & Strategy

  • CampusNexus CRM - Analytics Round Tables
  • CampusNexus Student - Analytics Round Tables
  • Developing a Mind for Presenting Data
  • Occupation Insight - Solution Architecture and Technology
  • Tips and Tricks for Analytics Using Power BI
  • Virtual Reality & Online Learning 101 - Presented by Full Sail University
  • What's New in the Latest Release of Occupation Insight
  • Web Client for CampusNexus Student: Improving Operational Efficiencies and User Productivity

Driving Excellence from Your ERP: Budgets to Human Resources

  • CampusNexus Finance, HR and Payroll: Past, Present & Future
  • Federal Work Study
  • Finance Suite Overview: Demonstration and Q&A
  • From Reporting to Business Intelligence in Your ERP
  • Human Resources and Payroll: Demonstration and Q&A
  • Talent: Build and Execute Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Talent: Tools for Efficient Employee Administration
  • Working Together as One: Integration from CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll to CampusNexus Student

Managing the Student & Academic Enterprise

  • Academic Records in the Web Client
  • Admissions in the Web Client
  • Contact Manager in the Web Client
  • Degree Pathway Updates
  • Grad Professional Schools Round Table - Moderated by A.T. Still University
  • How Chatham University Transformed Operational Efficiency and Student Services with Workflows - Presented by Chatham University
  • Managing Customer Expectations with CampusNexus Student Features
  • Round Table Discussions with the Student Product Advisory Council - Moderated by A.T. Still University
  • State of the Union for CampusNexus Student
  • The In’s and Out’s of Workflow/Forms Builder for the Novice – Presented by Cleveland University-Kansas City
  • Web Client Security Go-Live Strategy - Presented by Arkansas State University Newport

Financial Aid, Stewardship and Compliance for CampusNexus and Education Partner Customers

  • Attack the DAC (Disbursement Approval Criteria) - Presented by Education Affiliates
  • Automated Awarding
  • CampusNexus Student Document Collection & Verification
  • Change Management and Success with Financial Aid Automation Implementation
  • Financial Aid and Power BI
  • Financial Aid Processing for Health Care Professionals
  • Help Us Help You Help Your Students!
  • Mailbox Manager - Utilizing TDClient to Send & Receive Education Department file to SAIG Mailbox (Focus on Education Partner Customers)
  • Managing Data and Auditing Using SQL, Power BI, Workflow & Eventing
  • Regulatory Update
  • State of the Union – Financial Aid & Student Accounts
  • Web Client Progress

CampusNexus CRM: Manage Constituent Relationships

  • A Tool is Only as Powerful as the Strategy Behind It - Presented by Texas A&M University Kingsville
  • Begin Leveraging Workflow and Forms Builder in CampusNexus CRM
  • Campaign Workflow Management - Presented by University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Leverage Data-Driven Predictive Analytics to Gain Competitive Advantage in Recruitment and Retention
  • Outreach to Prospective Students with Occupational Insight
  • Student Success - A Recipe for Increased Engagement and Completion - Presented by University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • What's New and What's Ahead on the Roadmap
  • Welcome Session for all Campus Management CRM and Admissions Customers

CampusNexus Engage: A System of Intelligence

  • CampusNexus Apply: From Recruiting to Admissions
  • CampusNexus Engage Roadmap
  • CampusNexus Succeed: Build Success Plans for Your Students!
  • Power BI and Dashboards
  • Experience the Journey
  • “T”ools for Admissions Recruiters: Travel, Territories, Texting
  • Welcome Session for all Campus Management Admissions & CRM Customers

Radius & AppReview: From Prospect through Student

  • Application Processing for Graduate Admissions - Presented by Sam Houston State University
  • Automating Integration Templates
  • Email Best Practices
  • Duplicate Management
  • Introducing the New Chat
  • Leveraging Multiple Admissions Office in One Tenant
  • Not Your Average User - Presented by Chester County Immediate Unit
  • Radius: Applying for More than Just Graduate School - Presented by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Roadmap for Radius by Campus Management
  • Welcome Session for all Campus Management Admissions & CRM Customers

Connect, ApplyYourself and AppReview: Finding the Right Student

  • Extending Connect Views - Presented by Berea College
  • Utilizing Connect Functionality in Unique Ways: Enquiry Management - Presented by Humber College
  • Welcome Session and Roadmap for Connect
  • Welcome Session for all Campus Management Admissions & CRM Customers

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