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Attendee FAQ

What is CampusInsight?
What are the differences between CampusInsight’s “Pre-Conference” and “Users Conference” events?
Where can I find the schedules for Pre-Conference and Users Conference?
Do I need to register in advance for any training sessions or breakout sessions?
Can I bring family members or significant others to CI2018?
Is there a parking fee at CI2018?
Which Conference sessions should I attend?
Will there be vendor exhibits?
What is the dress code?
Will you provide breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
What type of entertainment will be offered?
How do I get to the Thursday night evening event?
Will there be an Information Desk at CI2018?
How will I find my Customer Enablement Manager/Account Manager at CI2018?
How long does it take to get to the local airport?
Can I provide you with feedback regarding my CI2018 experience?
Can I provide suggestions for CI2019?
What is the hotel registration procedure and cut-off date?
May I record the sessions at the conference?
Who do I contact if I have further questions regarding CI2018?
Why stay at the Rosen Shingle Creek?

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