The Red Carpet Difference


  • Free Admission for the first 4,000 attendees (The standard registration fee is $35).
  • Free CE classes
  • Promotion-Free Lectures at low-cost (under $95)
  • World-Renowned Speakers
  • Interact with fellow colleagues.
  • Discounted Dental Equipment and Supplies
  • Spend part of winter in Sunny Los Angeles. 


  • Access to a diverse group of Dentists who can attend the Expo at no cost.
  • Presence in a city that has the most cultural influence in the United States.
  • Be a Part of the Largest Dental Conference in Los Angeles County.
  • Have the opportunity to offer lectures for CE credit to large numbers of attendees in order to promote your product(s) – (*All promotional company-sponsored lectures will be at no cost to attendees).
  • Competitive Booth Rental Fees.
  • Low-Cost Sponsorship opportunities.
  • Easy Registration process.
  • Have a fun time at LA LIVE! 

Dental Organizations:

  • Be Represented in the Largest Dental Conference in Los Angeles County.
  • Present your Seminars and Lectures at The Expo with minimal overhead cost and receive all the profits. The majority of the planning has already been done for you!
  • Free Booths will be offered to Non-Profit Organizations and Dental Societies.
  • Expand your Lecture Base with a large number and diverse group of attendees.
  • Integrate the Expo as a part of your annual program with minimal effort on your part. 

Lecturers and Educators:

  • Present in one of the most influential cities in the world.
  • Expand your base by educating and presenting to a large group of diverse professionals.
  • Interact and exchange ideas with fellow colleagues.
  • Receive a reasonable Honorarium. 

And most importantly,

Our Community:

  • At least 10% of profits from the Expo will be going to Philanthropy and Charity.
  • The Expo will bring much needed employment opportunities to The City of Los Angeles and the State of California.