Mission Statement

  • To Engage and Involve the Younger Generation of Dentists and to help assimilate them into the greater Dental Community. As the average new graduating dentist owes upwards of $450,000 in student loans and due to the lack of employment opportunities present, it has become increasingly difficult for the new dentist to become a part of Organized Dentistry. It is evident across the nation that attendance of younger dentists and healthcare professionals at various conferences, seminars and dental gatherings is at an all-time low. It is also evident that dentists are depending more on the Internet for their Continuing Education requirements in order to educate themselves on new procedures, protocols and products. Due to the relative high cost of membership fees associated with Organized Dentistry and limited perceived benefits, a significant number of new graduating dentists have lost touch with the Dental Community to an uncertain future. Our goal at the California Dental Expo is to introduce and integrate the younger members of our profession into the Dental Community with no requirements for membership and at minimal cost to them.

  • To Provide a Healthy Professional Atmosphere for Dentists, Dental Healthcare Providers, Dental Groups and Associations, Dental Manufacturers and Dental Suppliers to interact together at minimal cost and to the benefit of all parties involved.

  • To provide Philanthropic Funding towards Health and Education.

  • To Strengthen and Revive Dental Organizations.

  • To provide Dentists and Dental Practitioners with Cost-Effective Continuing Education opportunities.

  • To Give Back to Our Community by creating work and business opportunities in the city of Los Angeles and the state of California.